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  Our campaign is over, but the campaign site is still up and has a lot of great information on the project.

You can no longer contribute there, but you can donate here.


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App Feature: The Watch List

What is the Watch List?

All of the issues described at the Humane Eating Project cause intense suffering to animals. Some of these issues are particularly egregious and easy to find on a menu. Many people are so offended  by the production of these foods that they don’t even want to step foot in a re..


Indiegogo Wrap Up

We were able to raise over $10,000 with the help of 156 donors! Thanks for the support!


What is Humane Eating?

Eating humanely means considering how animals are treated when choosing what to eat. Practically speaking, it means eating vegan, vegetarian, and humanely-raised food. Incorporating a combination of vegan, vegetarian, and humanely-raised options into your diet allows you to eat humanely without giving up your favorite meals. Humane eating is a HUG...